Biological Databases

  • Protein Structure and Sequence PDB: RCSB Protein Structure Database
  • Pubmed Literature search at NCBI
  • NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information
  • GQuery Sequence search from NCBI
  • BLAST NCBI sequence homology search
  • VAST Structure-structure similarity search at NCBI
  • EXPASY SIB Bioinformatics Resource Portal
  • Proteomics EXPASY Protein structure analysis tools
  • DALI Comparing protein structures in 3D
  • MSA Multiple Sequence Alignment at EMBL-EBI
  • BioMagResBank NMR database at Wisconsin Madison
  • NDB Nucleic Acid Database (Rutgers)
  • GDB Genome Databases
  • ProDom Protein Domain Database
  • Pfam Protein Domain Family Database
  • CAS Chemical Abstracts Services
  • MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Online

Other NMR Sites

  • CMR - Griffin group at MIT
  • ETH - Wuthrich group at Zurich
  • UCHC NMR Tools - RNMRTK script generator and other utilities
  • NMRFAM - Markley group at University of Wisconsin: BioMagResBank
  • Bax-NIH - Bax Group: NMRPipe, TALOS
  • Kay - Lewis Kay Group at University of Toronto
  • UCSF - Software available: MARDIGRAS, CORMA, SPARKY
  • UTMB - Univ. of Texas, Medical branch NMR center: MORASS
  • IFAS - NMR Information Server
  • NMR Knowledge Base - NMR tips and links
  • Temp Cal - Online NMR temperature calibration calculator (at
  • Bruker USA - Bruker NMR web site
  • Agilent - Varian Instruments

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